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Nutrition Counseling

One-On-One Nutrition Counseling in Person or Telehealth

Gina offers one-on-one nutrition counseling in the in-person setting or via telehealth. Services include counseling for the following conditions/interests:

  • General Nutrition

  • Family Nutrition/Pediatrics

  • Weight Management

  • Disease Management (Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, GI Disorders, Etc.)

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition Support (Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition)

Nutrition counseling may be FREE with your medical insurance. Be sure to include your medical insurance information in your booking or e-mail to Gina at

Paying out-of-pocket is always an option. Nutrition counseling is billed at the rate of $35 per 15 minutes of counseling for an initial session and $32 per 15 minutes for a follow-up session.

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